The Diet Top 10 Mistakes – Failure To Set Goals

The three significant groups of people looking for a weight loss solution want to lose from 10 to 20 pounds, from 30 to 50 pounds, and from 50 to 100 pounds. I could have made that more simple and said that the most significant group of people looking for a weight loss solution needs to lose from 10 to 100 pounds.

But each one of these three groups of people, and then of course also the less common but more amplified group who want weight loss of more than 100 pounds, have different thoughts about the problem, different fears and different goals. No matter what you do in life you will always get better results if you set some goals. And this is where we all begin to fail. We don’t set goals. By not setting goals you have nothing to aim for, and by not giving your weight-loss program a purpose you are destined for failure.

For those who need to lose just a few pounds, the norm is to approach it lightly, because “all I need to do is eat less sweets, eat less fatty foods and drink less alcohol”.Easy? That is not a goal, and the next fatal step for those would be a starvation type diet in which they WILL lose weight, but a few months later they have gained that weight back and some more. Now they find them in the group who need to lose 30 to 50 pounds. Because they failed to set an honest goal with an intelligent action plan and failed to make a commitment to reach and stay with that goal.

For those who need to lose a more significant amount of weight, any goal would seem less attainable, and for obvious reasons there is a substantial fear of not being able to attain that goal. This is why it is necessary to break down a long term goal into more achievable short term goals. One pound per week equals 4 pounds per month equals 48 pounds per year. It’s simple. Two pounds per week equals eight pounds per month equals 96 pounds per year.


Simple Steps To Boost Your Metabolism – I Want A Smaller Waist

Just a quick post with a few tips to help you turbo charge your metabolism. Do you want a smaller waist? Add these steps to your regime, and enjoy the results.

1. Eat enough food to fulfill your body’s needs. Not eating enough, and eating infrequently, causes your metabolism to slow down. When dieting, don’t drastically cut down your calories. Start with the extras, slash as many processed foods as you can, soda, candy, juice, and packaged foods. Processed foods can wreck havoc on your diet and quest for a smaller waist. Processed foods are high in calories, and fat, and contain few amounts of vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

2. Snack in moderation. A lot of us grab a snack when we feel a little tired, confusing hunger with fatigue. Feeling tired, go for a quick walk. Did you know that if you stand on the tips of your toes for about 30 seconds, you’ll feel a energy boost? Give it a shot before you jeopardize your diet with unneeded calories. If you’re really hungry, choose a snack rich in protein, and fiber, try some apple with peanut butter. Be creative.

3. Eat Breakfast. Breakfast boosts your metabolism, helping to prevent those cravings during the day. Make sure to plan your breakfast. Include protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. For breakfast, incorporate protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. A well balanced breakfast will keep the cravings in check, and go a long way in maintaining a smaller waist.

4. Eat 5-6 times a day. I covered this in depth in an earlier article, in short, smaller meals eaten more frequently, keeps your metabolism, energy levels stable, and you also stabilize your blood sugar.

5. Finally, eat protein with every meal. Your body takes more time and energy to digest protein, this helps reduce cravings, and binging. Eating protein with every meal, helps you feel full for a longer period of time.


Want A Smaller Waist? Fast Weight Loss Returns Fast

People have long used weight as a determining factor defining their look. You can hardly blame them when you look at TV and see so many images of slim and sometimes downright tiny people that are happy and successful. It’s easy for us to go overboard when trying to achieve what we believe to be the perfect smaller waist. While we do have to maintain a healthy level of weight, we don’t have to kill ourselves trying to achieve the “perfect”standards we see on television.

It is a medical fact that if you are overweight you put yourself at greater risk of contracting some serious diseases. Overweight people have a dysfunctional metabolism. This causes diabetes as well as a list of potential problems. In many countries in this world today being overweight is an urgent problem medically instead of cosmetically.

Are you seeking a smaller waist? But find yourself overweight? Don’t despair. Fact is if you lose just 5 to 10% of that extra weight you will feel better about yourself. If you are embarking on a weight loss journey it is necessary to understand the basics of this process.

You can’t lose the weight fast and expect to keep it off. Fast weight loss comes back fast as well. When you lose weight fast, most of that weight is liquid and muscular. The weight you want to lose and keep off is fat. An important thing to know is that you can’t burn fat at a rate of more than about 200 g a day. Therefore drugs and diets that promise weight loss of up to 2 pounds a day are not true and can be dangerous.

Many people believe in the efficiency of starving themselves. A starvation diet will give you a smaller waist and a loss of fat but again most of that weight loss will be liquid and muscle mass. Starvation diets also deprive your body of the necessary nutrients. Who wants to be skinny and sick?

When trying to lose weight and achieve a smaller waist many of us resort to the usual diets. These guys can be divided into three groups. The basic diet consists of calorie counting. In calorie counting you determine how many calories you burn in one day and eat no more or even less than that total amount. With this method you lose about 20 to 50 g of fat a day if you equal your calorie intake to calories burned. With a reduced diet, eating so many calories under the number of calories burned you lose between 1500 g of fat a day. Finally with the strict diet you lose about 200 g of fat a day. Do your research and find out which diet plan is best for you this is just an overview of the direction you should be headed in.

One thing I must mention, when you decide to get that smaller waist and choose a weight loss regimen, along with the weight loss it is necessary to reduce the excess toxins and cholesterol that promotes accumulation of extra undesirable fat in your body. A lot of people use medication to take care of this be careful and always consult a medical doctor before taking any kind of drugs. Even medication that is well advertised can do irreparable harm to your body.

It is important to remember to include all aspects of a good weight loss plan, this includes a healthy diet, proper eating habits, physical exercise, and patience. Proper and sustained weight loss takes time but it absolutely is possible. And always when seeking that smaller waist, consult a medical professional before making any major choices.


End Bad Eating Habits, See A Smaller Waist

If you feel just one obstacle is getting in the way of your losing weight, think about this: what if that one obstacle (addicted to snacking for example) was eliminated? Do you really feel,”if only I could stop this, I will no doubt reach my goal,” or is this an easy reason to stay stuck. If I told you how you can stop craving snacks would you listen? Give that some thought. Shut your eyes and think about that. You said if you didn’t crave smacks, you would see a smaller waist by losing weight. Is that really true? Ask yourself this: would you change your eating habits? how? Would you act in a different manner, what else would you do differently, and what wouldn’t you change? You would gain what? You would lose what? When you know what you want, and know you can attain it, and know what changes (how your life will change for example) you will find obstacles that you need to deal with.

Maybe you want to stop eating after 7PM for instance but your significant other doesn’t get in from work until after eight and he or she wants the eat dinner together. That’s an issue. Do you have a habit of eating ice cream or other sugary snacks while watching a movie? Well kicking the habit is another issue. You have to find ways to overcome your issues or they will continually be obstacles preventing you from doing what you have to do to get a smaller waist. Just telling yourself I’m going to stop these bad habits, hardly if ever works. Instead decide what stands in the way of you getting and maintaining a smaller waist, and find ways to defeat it. This way you will have greater success in actually achieving your goals in a more effective and permanent manner.

Telling yourself, “all I have to do is handle this one thing and everything else will work itself out.” Rarely works. You’re just wishing for things to get better. If you believe that snacking is your problem. You’re setting yourself up for failure. Especially if you love sugar. This is not an all or nothing situation. It’s very likely you will deviate and you must be prepared for that. It’s not sometimes slipping up that causes weight problems, it’s your usual routine.

One good exercise to start eliminating your bad habits (in this case snacking), is called forming the right outcome. “Right outcome”, meaning meeting all the measures of your desired outcome:

1. Tell yourself what you want (don’t think about what you don’t want). “I want a smaller waist.”

2. Ascertain if you can achieve it (do you feel it’s attainable?).

3. What tools do you have? what tools you need? (money, equipment, coaching, time,etc.)

4. Is there anyone in your day-to-day life that might get in the way? If so how will you deal with that?

5. Imagine how you would feel, think, and act was your goal is accomplished. Is this outcome what you desire?

6. Form an action plan for attaining your desired outcome.

Deciding what you want might seem like a lot of effort however, implement these steps first and you will see the obstacles that stand in your way, making it easier to eliminate or work around them. For example if you say to yourself you’re going to start going to a gym, but you just lost your job, and don’t have a car, that probably wouldn’t work out too well. If you went ahead and joined a gym, you would rarely attend, then you would think you have failed. But it wasn’t you that failed it was the plan. You didn’t think the whole thing through. In this case a better plan would be exercising at home, walking or running, or doing something within walking range. When the situation gets better, (you get a job a job and/or a car) you can reformulate the plan, and perhaps attend a gym then. You always have options.

The best way is to examine what you want from all angles, then form a plan you know will work. Then, not only will you know what you want, you will know that you can attain it as well. Then you will be much more prepared to take that first step in achieving a smaller waist or whatever goal you have set for yourself.


Want A Smaller Waist? Get Rid Of Negative Thinking

Every day you think many thousands of thoughts. we talk to ourselves more than anyone else. For most of us we trust ourselves more than anyone else. Many of your most private conversations are between you and yourself. You would never share these conversations with anyone else for fear of exposing  the “real” you, that person filled with worries, disappointment, guilt, and self-doubt. However, the truth is, this is not you, not the real you. This is the you that your beliefs, values, and ego, have created. you created these negative beliefs thus, you accept them as truth. the funny thing is these beliefs couldn’t be more false.

Where did these beliefs come from? Mostly from the people around you, family, friends, teachers, and other people that have been influential in your life. You might have heard one of them say, “She’s fat.”. That is a seed planted. You took that and ran with it to the point where you now believe it to be truth. Do you see where I’m going? Now your whole life has been controlled by a flimsy statement made a long time ago. It’s nobody’s  right, and more importantly, no one has the power to control who you are. You and only you know what is truly in your heart and who you really are. We come into the world devoid of the chains of negative thoughts. You were born a budding bundle of joy brimming with unlimited possibilities and potential. Let me tell you right now, that has not changed. You are now and always will be a bundle of joy with unlimited possibilities and potential. The only issue is what you concentrate on.

A few quick questions. If you eliminated all the bad conversations that you have with yourself, for example, I will never have a smaller waist, I’m fat, I fail always, who would want me?, The lists can be as long as the earth is round… would you feel lighter emotionally? Would you feel happier? Would you have more confidence? How about if you went one step further and replaced all the negative self talk with positive ones? How would your life change? Take the time to focus on the things you like about yourself and only those things and sit back and watch as your emotional state rises. Consistently put this into practice and watch that fat melt away and see a smaller waist. My friend, if you make positive thinking a habit,  there is no end to what you will be able to accomplish.

You have always been that budding bundle of joy that came into the world. You can easily discover the positive things about yourself by focusing on these questions. What’s in my heart that only I know? What am I good at? What do I like about me and my body? You want a smaller waist, your goal now is positive feelings. Right now how are you feeling? If you focus on the positive things you feel about yourself, you’ll be happy, you’ll  feel good. How do you want to feel, good or bad? Most of us would say good. Just about all of us would say great. Make a decision right here and now about how you want to feel. Tell yourself that you will look for all the positives within and about you, take time to appreciate all the positives and greatness.

what does all this have to do with the getting a smaller waist? It has everything to do with getting a smaller waist. What you pull into your experience is determined by your state of emotion. How you feel is the controlling factor. You program your subconscious and create your beliefs with the things you tell yourself. So ask yourself. Do you want this programming to be centered on the negative thinking that is false? Or do you want your subconscious to be centered on the truth, that you are the most beautiful and magnificent version of you. Start nurturing yourself today. Start loving yourself today. Open up and allow all that enthusiasm, joy, and optimism you had as a child to permeate your everyday experiences. Celebrate your successes no matter the size. Love yourself and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Do this consistently day in and day out and see the fat begin to dissolve. See that smaller waist materialize.and celebrate as you watch those useless negative beliefs begin to fade away.

Why Many Weight Loss Diets Fail

Most dieters have been on countless weight-loss programs, from the various celebrity diets and Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers and Nutrisystems. You feverishly read books and magazines for tips on weight loss and pursue the advertisements and headlines that assure fast weight loss. There’s a good probability that many of these diets have actually helped to lose weight, but the odds are better that all that weight has come back with a few extra for good measure. Your smaller waist became your muffin top, and your favorite outfit got pushed to the back of your wardrobe.

You probably begin to believe the self talk that said you failed at losing weight. To be more specific, the diet has let you down. The reason being is that most diets deliver short-term weight loss using temporary changes, but don’t deal with the underlying reasons that caused you to gain the weight to begin with. Most of these diets focus on the cover of the book, your body, and disregard the pages, you’re thinking, emotions, and lifestyle.

If you want a smaller waist for years to come, you need a mentor or advisor who will guide you on an expedition to uncover the control and willpower that you have. You then need to learn how to manipulate those powers to get what you want in life, including a smaller waist. You may have been told either subconsciously or directly that if you have no power over your eating habits, you have no power period. This is far from the truth. We are all exceptional human beings, filled with strength, physically, socially, and emotionally, just waiting to be let loose. When you cure all emotional wounds, and realize and build on the strength within you, you have made great strides in setting yourself up for permanent weight loss.

If you find weight loss and dieting to be a bummer, the odds are you won’t succeed in achieving your goals. However, if you have a plan to follow that enriches you and is also enjoyable, you have the means to succeed. Actually, by implementing a weight loss plan that you enjoy, you can lose a size in two weeks. How’s that for a smaller waist.

The answer is to incorporate a proven exercise regimen that you can add to your lifestyle right now. Don’t forget, practicality, simplicity, and a clear understanding of what you want and how you intend to get it equals success. Then, include meal plans that go hand-in-hand with your fitness program to build on the improvements you have made to the inner you, your thoughts and emotions, to unleash your personal power. Remember that with the proper mentoring you can go far beyond getting a smaller waist through dieting, you can and will excel in all aspects of life and achieve and maintain a physical beauty that matches your inner magnificence.


Get Your Mind Right For A Smaller Waist

You want a smaller waist, but dieting is a dreadful word for most of us. Uggh! Too many people looking to lose weight through dieting set a path to failure before the dieting even gets underway. We think about the tasteless food, smaller portions, and WHAT! no snacking?! We see so many negatives concerning dieting, the mishaps pile up in our minds before we make it past day one.

I want a smaller waist, so I don’t know why I do this to myself. Unfortunately, I’m far from alone here. There was a time when I binged and gorged myself before going on a diet. I know that if I want to see my waist smaller, I’m going to have to give up my favorite snacks, and junk food. Funny thing is nothing could be more false. I just had to learn to use moderation. Better yet, I had to learn to love the word moderation.

You see, if you want a smaller waist, you have to change the way you think about food, and how much you love eating before any diet you choose will work. A lot of people have to begin realizing that food is not our enemy. Even your mouth watering snacks aren’t the enemy. The problem, or enemy, is the fact that we can’t and/or won’t exercise moderation. We eat the wrong foods much more than we do the right foods. Therein lies the problem.

If we don’t eat the proper proportion of daily nutrients our body needs, our bodies know something’s not right, and the feelings of hunger and deprivation grow. We want a smaller waist so we need to know that if we eat the proper servings of healthy food,  filled with all the necessary nutrients,  we will not feel hungry, and want to snack on the foods that are less healthy. This increases our chances of eating our favorite snacks in moderation as we should.

Another issue that wrecks havoc on our goal to a smaller waist is, how we control our portions. In this world of, “Would you like me to super-size those fries?”, and “king-sized” chocolate bars, it’s harder to say no. We must train ourselves to say no, and begin to avoid the situations that would tempt us to order bigger portions than we need.

To really see positive results from dieting, get into the mindset of  enjoying and embracing the necessary steps you must go through to shrink your waist, and be a healthier you,  instead of viewing dieting as some type of deprivation punishment. Begin to change how you view your dieting goals. See the glass as half full. Put a positive spin on your journey to a smaller waist. Don’t aim negative thoughts towards your diet. When the hunger pangs arise, think about how much better you’ll look in your new healthier body. Focus your mind on how you want to look. Remind yourself that you are getting that beach body back. Tell yourself you will have a smaller waist.

Don’t get tunnel vision, and go cold turkey on your favorite goodies. Enjoy life, and don’t beat yourself up over the occasional extra portion every now and then. The theme here is balance. Train yourself to eat the right portions, view moderation as a good thing, and embrace it. Don’t forget to exercise or partake in some form of activity on a regular basis. Diet and exercise will give you the most amazing smaller waist, and body.

A dieting plan to help you get a smaller waist is only a drag if you allow it to be. Get in the proper mindset. You have full control of your thoughts. Use moderation, find your balance, and be positive when it comes to eating right. Be regular about Exercise or whatever activity you like to do. You will find that you can eat your favorite snacks without overindulging, and still burn off those extra pounds.

Yes, you can be much more successful at dieting than you ever thought possible by changing your mindset. To your success, and a smaller waist.

Burn Off Belly Fat and Shrink Your Waist

If you’re like many of us, you want to burn off belly fat and shrink your waist.

Many serious and fatal diseases can be linked to excess belly fat. Making a conscious effort to shrink your waist is important not only for your physical appearance but also your health. Science has yet to find a proven and healthy method to directly target your midsection to burn fat, but it can be done, not directly but by incorporating a total fat burning system.

Here are a few methods to help you burn belly fat and shrink your waist:

Burn more calories than you are taking in:

An excellent way to shrink your waist through fat burning is a reduced calorie diet. The good thing about a reduced calorie diet is you don’t have to change what you eat, you just have to change how much you eat. Your goal is to shrink your waist in a healthy manner so don’t reduce your calories to the point of starvation. Reducing calories is simple, however, not easy. Implementing a calorie counter guide, and becoming familiar with the calorie amounts of common foods will help.

Exercise exercise exercise:

Exercising and a reduced calorie diet go hand-in-hand when it comes to effectively burning belly fat to shrink your waist. Simply put, exercising burns calories, burn more calories burn more fat. Developing a healthy diet will aid in  speeding up the fat burning process. Exercising builds, and develops lean, toned muscle, this helps shrink your waist by burning more calories. Exercising increases blood flow, helping your body work in a more efficient manner. The more you exercise the more your metabolism increases. This equates to greater fat burning to shrink your waist.

Be mindful of the foods you choose.

You can eat less and begin burning body fat. But more important is the type of calories you’re taking in. If you want to burn more fat and shrink your waist faster, it’s imperative that you eliminate empty calories from your diet. Start focusing on increasing the quality of your food. A few simple changes you can make right now to help shrink your waist are, eliminate soda from your meals and drink more water. Soda is high in sugar and adds unneeded calories to your meal plan. By drinking 3 to 4 cans of soda a day, you’re adding over 500 calories to your diet. You can help shrink your waist by replacing processed foods with natural alternatives. Instead of eating fast food for lunch, make your own. For example, replace a hot dog and chips with a healthy sandwich and small baked potato.

Burning off belly fat to shrink your waist is simple though challenging. It takes consistency. Stick to the principles we discussed and you’ll find that although you cannot target a particular section of your body to burn fat, overall you’ll be able to shrink your waist, tone your body, and become healthier.

How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist

When seeking information on how to lose inches off your waist, most people think about shedding the stomach fat. Whether you need to lose those extra 15 pounds or more, concentrating only on burning belly fat is the biggest mistake. This short article will explain how to lose inches off your waist by avoiding the most common mistake flat Tommy seekers make, and achieve that smaller waist you desire.

If you want to know how to lose inches off your waist, it’s important to understand that your stomach muscles are constructed to give you coordination and balance as your body moves. Frequent movement keeps your abs in shape. In the past people were a lot more active. Nowadays we live a more sedentary lifestyle, we spend most of our times sitting behind a desk at the office or in front of a TV, as a result our muscles weaken to the point where the stomach muscles cannot support our internal organs leading to belly bulge. That’s not how to lose inches off your waist.

A bulging tummy leads people to seek drastic measures and information on how to lose inches off your waist, in an effort to regain that flat stomach. The most common answer is to exercise. This is when people make a big mistake in shrinking their belly. But more research people conduct on how to lose inches off your waist, the more they work out and developed firm abs that no one can see. The nicely developed stomach muscles are there but they are hidden under a layer of fat. You find out how to lose inches off your waist and walk around with strong abs that are invisible.

People begin to complain about how to lose inches off your waist by working out hard every day and developing their stomach muscles but there’s nothing to show. This is the mistake, their abs are great, the problem is the fat on top of them. This is a fact people overlook when seeking how to lose inches off your waist.

The answer to how to lose inches off your waist is to implement both exercising and reducing your body fat percentage at the same time. Perform exercises that work on your stomach muscles, and apply principles such as a reduced calorie diet to lower fat percentages. When learning how to lose inches off your waist, people will begin to understand that this two-pronged approach will, with time and consistency, give them the six-pack look they desire. How to lose inches off your waist is impossible by focusing on strictly burning belly fat, or just exercising. Reduce the fat in your diet, eat healthier, and exercise to build muscle mass. This will result in your body burning more calories when you’re active and even when you’re at rest.

As people learn how to lose inches off your waist, they find different points on how frequently and how much they should exercise the abs. But basically it’s up to them, and how much time they have. On how to lose inches off your waist, a good recommendation is to perform stomach exercises every other day for 15 minutes. Exercise at an intense pace and rest the next day. Working the stomach muscles every day is fine, however, begin an every other day routine and work up to an everyday routine gradually.

This is the key to how to lose inches off your waist. Don’t worry about specific exotic exercises for the abs. The important thing is a combination of a low-fat reduced calorie diet, and persistent exercise. This will result in a flat six-pack belly.



Lose the Belly Fat

I was recently asked the question, “How do I lose belly fat?”, Well, my simple answer is bluntly, “You can’t.”

When I get that strange and somewhat dejected look, I go on to explain that regardless of how many sit ups, crunches, or leg lifts you do, you cannot target belly fat.” The reason for this is, you simply can’t target “belly fat” loss. Doing crunches, and other ab exercises only develop your abdominal muscles. These exercises don’t burn belly fat specifically.

When your body needs fat for fuel, it utilizes stored fat where ever it finds it. Your body doesn’t target certain areas for fat burning, It doesn’t know that crunches mean, “burn belly fat, and love handles.” Every body type is different, thus every body stores fat differently. Generally, for men, body fat is stored in the stomach region. For women, it’s usually in the hips and thighs. When you burn fat, the body does it it’s own way.

The best formula for ridding yourself of that dreaded belly fat is a healthy diet + proper exercise. Get your diet right, and exercise regularly and the fat will gradually melt away.