Beat the Cravings, the Smaller Waist Enemy

It doesn’t matter how hard we try, everyone becomes a victim of those nasty little cravings. It’s even worse when you are on a serious weight loss regimen. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, but just maintain the status quo, cravings can wreck havoc on your regular dietary routine. Before you know it, you are overdoing things, and your calorie count becomes decimated. For the most part, we know that eating low fat healthy food, and proper fitness is essential for staying healthy, but sometimes it seems 24 hours is just not enough to deal with a hectic schedule, and squeeze in the time it takes to exercise, and prepare healthy meal. That smaller waist will just have to wait.

One of the best strategies to combat those cravings and keep your diet intact is to plan ahead. Eat 5 to 6 smalls meals a day about 2.5 to 3 hours apart. Try not to skip any of these meals. I spoke about the benefits of these smaller meals in a earlier article. The body takes between 2 and 3 hours to fully digest a meal. So, when the cravings begin, it’s pretty much time for your next meal. Most times when you feel that craving coming on between meals, it’s really your body signaling thirst. Stay hydrated. If you keep a bottle of water with you and take sips throughout the day, you will quite easily stay hydrated, and get rid of one of the most common causes of cravings.

At home, keep fresh fruit around. If you are hit with a craving, fruit is much better than processed snacks any day, vegetables are even better. Did you know that  the body burns more calories digesting celery than the amount of calories in the celery? Celery with your favorite low-fat dip, and you can’t go wrong. Always keep your goal in mind…a smaller waist.

Ever been to a party, conference, or meeting on an empty stomach? Setting yourself up for failure. This is the perfect storm for you to overeat. Get a healthy snack, or better yet, eat a small meal prior to attending, this will nip the cravings in the bud by the time you get there.

Moderation is key. Remember calorie-free and fat-free are not the same. Fat free snacks are great, but don’t overindulge because you see fat-free on the label, check the amount of calories. Implement these little rules of thumb and the next time you feel the cravings, you will be ready to handle them, and maintain that smaller waist.


Simple Steps To Boost Your Metabolism – I Want A Smaller Waist

Just a quick post with a few tips to help you turbo charge your metabolism. Do you want a smaller waist? Add these steps to your regime, and enjoy the results.

1. Eat enough food to fulfill your body’s needs. Not eating enough, and eating infrequently, causes your metabolism to slow down. When dieting, don’t drastically cut down your calories. Start with the extras, slash as many processed foods as you can, soda, candy, juice, and packaged foods. Processed foods can wreck havoc on your diet and quest for a smaller waist. Processed foods are high in calories, and fat, and contain few amounts of vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

2. Snack in moderation. A lot of us grab a snack when we feel a little tired, confusing hunger with fatigue. Feeling tired, go for a quick walk. Did you know that if you stand on the tips of your toes for about 30 seconds, you’ll feel a energy boost? Give it a shot before you jeopardize your diet with unneeded calories. If you’re really hungry, choose a snack rich in protein, and fiber, try some apple with peanut butter. Be creative.

3. Eat Breakfast. Breakfast boosts your metabolism, helping to prevent those cravings during the day. Make sure to plan your breakfast. Include protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. For breakfast, incorporate protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. A well balanced breakfast will keep the cravings in check, and go a long way in maintaining a smaller waist.

4. Eat 5-6 times a day. I covered this in depth in an earlier article, in short, smaller meals eaten more frequently, keeps your metabolism, energy levels stable, and you also stabilize your blood sugar.

5. Finally, eat protein with every meal. Your body takes more time and energy to digest protein, this helps reduce cravings, and binging. Eating protein with every meal, helps you feel full for a longer period of time.