End Bad Eating Habits, See A Smaller Waist

If you feel just one obstacle is getting in the way of your losing weight, think about this: what if that one obstacle (addicted to snacking for example) was eliminated? Do you really feel,”if only I could stop this, I will no doubt reach my goal,” or is this an easy reason to stay stuck. If I told you how you can stop craving snacks would you listen? Give that some thought. Shut your eyes and think about that. You said if you didn’t crave smacks, you would see a smaller waist by losing weight. Is that really true? Ask yourself this: would you change your eating habits? how? Would you act in a different manner, what else would you do differently, and what wouldn’t you change? You would gain what? You would lose what? When you know what you want, and know you can attain it, and know what changes (how your life will change for example) you will find obstacles that you need to deal with.

Maybe you want to stop eating after 7PM for instance but your significant other doesn’t get in from work until after eight and he or she wants the eat dinner together. That’s an issue. Do you have a habit of eating ice cream or other sugary snacks while watching a movie? Well kicking the habit is another issue. You have to find ways to overcome your issues or they will continually be obstacles preventing you from doing what you have to do to get a smaller waist. Just telling yourself I’m going to stop these bad habits, hardly if ever works. Instead decide what stands in the way of you getting and maintaining a smaller waist, and find ways to defeat it. This way you will have greater success in actually achieving your goals in a more effective and permanent manner.

Telling yourself, “all I have to do is handle this one thing and everything else will work itself out.” Rarely works. You’re just wishing for things to get better. If you believe that snacking is your problem. You’re setting yourself up for failure. Especially if you love sugar. This is not an all or nothing situation. It’s very likely you will deviate and you must be prepared for that. It’s not sometimes slipping up that causes weight problems, it’s your usual routine.

One good exercise to start eliminating your bad habits (in this case snacking), is called forming the right outcome. “Right outcome”, meaning meeting all the measures of your desired outcome:

1. Tell yourself what you want (don’t think about what you don’t want). “I want a smaller waist.”

2. Ascertain if you can achieve it (do you feel it’s attainable?).

3. What tools do you have? what tools you need? (money, equipment, coaching, time,etc.)

4. Is there anyone in your day-to-day life that might get in the way? If so how will you deal with that?

5. Imagine how you would feel, think, and act was your goal is accomplished. Is this outcome what you desire?

6. Form an action plan for attaining your desired outcome.

Deciding what you want might seem like a lot of effort however, implement these steps first and you will see the obstacles that stand in your way, making it easier to eliminate or work around them. For example if you say to yourself you’re going to start going to a gym, but you just lost your job, and don’t have a car, that probably wouldn’t work out too well. If you went ahead and joined a gym, you would rarely attend, then you would think you have failed. But it wasn’t you that failed it was the plan. You didn’t think the whole thing through. In this case a better plan would be exercising at home, walking or running, or doing something within walking range. When the situation gets better, (you get a job a job and/or a car) you can reformulate the plan, and perhaps attend a gym then. You always have options.

The best way is to examine what you want from all angles, then form a plan you know will work. Then, not only will you know what you want, you will know that you can attain it as well. Then you will be much more prepared to take that first step in achieving a smaller waist or whatever goal you have set for yourself.


Lose the Belly Fat

I was recently asked the question, “How do I lose belly fat?”, Well, my simple answer is bluntly, “You can’t.”

When I get that strange and somewhat dejected look, I go on to explain that regardless of how many sit ups, crunches, or leg lifts you do, you cannot target belly fat.” The reason for this is, you simply can’t target “belly fat” loss. Doing crunches, and other ab exercises only develop your abdominal muscles. These exercises don’t burn belly fat specifically.

When your body needs fat for fuel, it utilizes stored fat where ever it finds it. Your body doesn’t target certain areas for fat burning, It doesn’t know that crunches mean, “burn belly fat, and love handles.” Every body type is different, thus every body stores fat differently. Generally, for men, body fat is stored in the stomach region. For women, it’s usually in the hips and thighs. When you burn fat, the body does it it’s own way.

The best formula for ridding yourself of that dreaded belly fat is a healthy diet + proper exercise. Get your diet right, and exercise regularly and the fat will gradually melt away.


A Full Body Workout For A Smaller Waist

Many of us think that working out requires many hours in the gym and sacrificing a lot of our free time. Perhaps achieving that smaller waist demands hours and hours in a musty gym day after day year after year. This doesn’t have to be the case. Yes, you need to work hard and set aside time to lift weights, but you can and will see progress with a full body workout that you can easily fit into your schedule. If you’re looking forward to achieving a smaller waist through fitness but find it challenging to stick to a single exercise routine, you might find a full body workout a more convenient option.

A real full body workout entails contracting the muscles to maximum levels using heavyweights, taking the time to recover fully ( when you rest you grow), and avoiding burnout which will happen if you overtrain. There are many full body workouts pertaining to whatever goal you’re trying to reach. From building muscle to burning fat to see a smaller waist. If you think a full body workout is for you here are a few things you need to know.

A full body workout saves you time. If you choose to train your whole body in one visit, you will make fewer trips to the gym. Depending on your level of intensity, you would only have to go to the gym two or three times a week. Another plus for doing a full body workout is the elimination of those two and three-hour marathons of strenuous exercise. For every session of full body workout you will spend no more than an hour or so in the gym or wherever you choose to work out. That’s about four hours a week. I’m sure if you’re dedicated to getting a smaller waist, you will be able to set aside four hours a week to devote to fitness. The goal of a full body workout is to focus on quality not quantity, not even the amount of time you set aside per session,  so much as the intensity of your workout.

A full body workout enhances your lungs and heart (cardiovascular system), enabling you to exercise with even greater intensity and effectiveness. In a one hour session, make time for 3 to 4 sets per body part. With so much time devoted to actually working out and so little time to rest, your cardiovascular system gets an excellent work out as well. Now that you’re pumped up and ready to maintain a smaller waist, here are some rules to follow when doing a full body workout.

Because training sessions are few, once every two or three days or so, you have more time to rest. During this time you can do a few cardio exercises instead of doing these exercises after a workout which is not very effective. For those that are looking for more muscle tone as well as fat loss, lift heavy weights. Since this is a full body workout you don’t need to worry about conserving energy as much for the next body part. With that in mind train hard, remember intensity over quantity. The heavier the weights you can safely train with, the more progress you will see.

something important to remember is only one exercise for each muscle group. That is easy to follow right? Do one basic exercise with great intensity and you don’t have to worry about three or four different exercises for that same muscle group, simple yet very effective.

finally keep your workouts short. One hour is optimal. Training with weights or any kind of resistance training effects the hormones contributed to building muscle and burning fat. An intense exercise increases the body’s testosterone levels. We all have testosterone in our bodies. It’s the hormone the body uses to build muscle. You want to increase your testosterone levels by working out, however, the longer you work out, the more your body produces the hormone cortisol which is not beneficial. Stay within that hour range and you maintain a balance between testosterone and cortisol, an optimal zone.

Use these tips if and when you decide to incorporate full body workouts into your fitness agenda. You’ll be surprised by the gains you achieve, smaller waist, and more energy you have with the small amount of time you have to devote towards exercising.